Crown Jewels

Crown Jewels

Think you’re a bit of RedBus royalty? You could be if you’re victorious in our weekly gem of a promo – the Crown Jewels. The top three Bingo & Instant Game wagerers each week win a share of £100! So what are you…..?

King of Bingo = £25

King of Instants = £25

Queen of Bingo = £15

Queen of Instants = £15

Jack of Bingo = £10

Jack of Instants = £10

Terms and Conditions

  • Only funded RedBus Bingo players are eligible.
  • One prize per alias per week.
  • Prizes are credited in bingo funds.
  • Game is valid from 00:01 on Friday to 23:59 on Sunday.
  • RedBus Bingo’s full terms and conditions apply
  • Last updated on 05.05.15

Last updated on 16.8.2017

18 thoughts on “Crown Jewels

  1. Hi Angie, I am new to this site and actually new to UK. I immigrated here from Montreal Canada and so far my plans all diminished and my children were not able to come at this time so it had been very difficult, my children’s ages are 9,13,14,16. i left behind 4 children with there dad so i have tried to keep occupied and now i am on Redbus – whooo hooo but never played any kind of online games. I saw your ad on the television and thought “why not give it a try” and here I am = this is probably my 10th time coming on the site…. everyone is really kind in chat and everything… well I just wanted to say thank you and maybe I could one day win just a bit, just to say that I actually did win. love Jennifer xxxxxx

  2. Here’s a lovely comment from arturo!

    ‘Thank you very much for the win it restores my faith in these games, i do put quite a bit in so this is a great surprise thanx again.’ xxxx

  3. hello there so can u tell me whos won the crown jewels promotions plzzzz thanks mwah xxx hope i did as i spent that much last week an won absolutely loadssss aswell xx can u let me no on here pleaseee angie ty lovely xx

  4. Hi tingtangtoe – this week’s winners were:

    King of Instants, silben, £75 Bingo funds + 100% Deposit bonus
    Queen of Instants, juniemorris, £50 Bingo funds + 100% Deposit bonus
    Jack of Instants, babykisses, £25 Bingo funds + 100% Deposit bonus

    King of Bingo, sarah2winpls, £75 Bingo funds + 100% Deposit bonus
    Queen of Bingo, rumbleoid, £50 Bingo funds + 100% Deposit bonus
    Jack of Bingo, lou456, £25 Bingo funds + 100% Deposit bonus

  5. i had email the 9 th sayin id won wil i av another email if ive won no1s had email to say who won this weeks x

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