Team Bingo

Team Bingo

Travelling on your own can be a lonely experience which is why we’re encouraging you to board RedBus Team Bingo & meet fellow RB passengers!

Team Bingo’s all about team effort – the more Bingo you & your buddies play, the more points you earn & the quicker you move up the Leaderboard. The pot of gold @ the end of the race is chunky slice of FREE loyalty points!

So get rewarded to the one thing you do best – bingoing @ RedBus Bingo!

Team Bingo Results

1st January – 1st January

Team Players Bingos


How do I get my share of the wedge?

Here @ RedBus we want you to become friends with as many passengers as possible. Instead of choosing your own team, we randomly place you into a new team every two weeks. That way you’ve got even more chances of making great Bingo buddies & have a fair chance of mixing with a winning team.

All you have to do is play bingo as many times as you can in the two weeks and the winning team will be the one that bingoes the most at the end of the two week period. The Leaderboard will be updated daily & if there’s a tie, the team that bingoes the most on the ‘Letter R’ pattern will win the main prize. At the end of the two weeks the scores will return to zero and the teams will be reshuffled. Winners will be announced on site & their accounts will be credited.

And remember that old saying whilst playing…… happiness is only enjoyed when shared!

Place Prizes
1st share of 65,000lps
2nd share of 45,000lps
3rd share of 26,000lps
4th share of 20,000lps
5th – 10th share of 6,000lps

Terms & Conditions

  • You must be signed up for RedBus Team Bingo before the start of the new competition. Each period starts on a Tuesday and ends on a Monday. Entries received on or after Tuesday will NOT be considered for the current competition, but will be entered into the next competition.
  • All 75-ball bingo wins and all Full House 90-ball bingo wins count towards your Team Bingo score.
  • Only bingos between the hours of 8:00am and 11:00pm UK Time will count towards your team’s final score.
  • You don’t need to re-register for Team Bingo. Once you are in a team you will be automatically entered into the next competition.
  • All players are eligible to join Team Bingo.
  • LPs will be credited to funded aliases in the Top Ten teams on a Tuesday following the latest promotional period.
  • Aliases who have not wagered for a month prior to the start of a new promotional period will automatically be removed from Team Bingo.
  • If you would like to opt out of team bingo, please email

Last updated on 2.10.2014

286 thoughts on “Team Bingo

  1. Hi, before every team bingo people who have not played within the last 4 weeks are removed to make it as fair as possible. The teams are randomly assigned again to make it fair. I’m sorry that you feel you’re not getting the same as when you first joined – there are big jackpot games and we have introduced games so that there are more winners with Supercharge Sunday for 1TG and 2TG for example xx

  2. hi yet again im put in a team with none depositing players this happens all time so yr little team comp on this site is a total joke ,you tell me wot us depositing players are given back from this site its a joke and being on yr site from day one ,you cut the points on players deposits you change the daily game of 1000 pounds to just one full house ,its become shit total shit and im glad more and more of us are moveing over to costa ,

  3. Hi hun, if you’ve just joined you won’t be in this competition and you’ll be put into a team when the next one starts on 28th May xx

  4. Hi hun you’re in The Dorset Street Bar. If you can’t find yourself next time, just click on Leaderboard and once it’s opened up, hold the Ctrl key and F at the same time – type your alias in the box and it’ll find you and then you know what team you’re in xxx

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