Weekly Winners 16th-22nd Jan

We’ve revamped the way you hear about the weekly winners! So now here’s all the gossip in one place and you can even add comments if you like!

Let’s start off with the winners of The Gift Shop…congratulations to alijam, debluvsbwfc, Granmay, lydiaeliza and suzybat who have each won a Wild Child Lush Gift Set each!

Next we’ve crowned our Kings and Queens of Bingo and Instant Games with Crown Jewels. First up bingo…we have kirasdad as King winning £25, blondie48 as Queen winning £15 and pheonix45 as Jack winning £10. Instant Games sees luckyjo61 as King winning £25, j11wll as Queen winning £15 and daxon06 winning £15 as Jack!

Finally, Team Bingo has just finished and the winning team was ‘The Barrels’ so congrats to courtcal, lorralaffs, debbie0808 and Tisme01 who had a combined 173 bingos and walk away with 16250jps each!

Double Decker doggywog £3454.80
Fluffy Favourites Embedded j11wll £1500.90
Shaman’s Dream daxon06 £1687.50
£200 West End Bluegirlfriday £200
£1m Big Ben fannypack £500
£100 Penny Pinchers backothebus,


PIZZA PARTY Granmay, ladyluck123 £20 in Bingo funds each
PUPPY LOVE rosegold, daxon06 £15 cash each
Featured IG Game gemstar212, brunibabe £15 cash each
Joy Player of the Week darrenfelton 50,000jps
Joy IG Winners lorr40,


£20 cash
£30 cash
£50 cash